Logistic services

Taking into account the changing market conditions and the needs of our customers, we provide a wide range of solutions in the field of logistics and warehousing. Regardless of the specific nature of the activities of current and potential business partners, we offer optimal handling of the entire logistics process, including the necessary documentation. We operate based on the principles of good logistics practice (GLP) and good hygiene practice (GHP), as one of the methods of observing hygiene in food trade.

Handling the UNLOADING of goods:

  • unloading to the main warehouse, bonded warehouse or cold store,
  • quantitative control of goods (excluding shortages in delivery),
  • qualitative verification of goods (in terms of damage),
  • pallet quality assessment,
  • control of shipping documentation,
  • photo and video report from unloading,
  • archiving of packing data (goods logistics),
  • electronic confirmation of delivery receipt documents.

The warehouse with offices is located at 42 Warszawska Street in Choroszcz, next to the S8 expressway from Białystok to Warsaw. The area of the high-bay warehouse is approx. 3000 m2, while the area of the cold store is 300 m2. We have a permit to operate a CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE type A . For the needs of our contractors, we provide the service of labeling goods with stickers in each required language or with special markings. We work with customs agencies and freight forwarding throughout the country. We offer a full package of documents such as: invoice, specification, certificates of origin, certificates and quality certificates and others.

Handling the LOADING of goods:

  • verification of the data of the driver and the car with the previously received notification,
  • loading goods on pallets, manual (handloading) or mixed,
  • quantity and quality control of the loaded goods;
  • labeling the goods with stickers (special markings, languages),
  • photo and video relation from loading,
  • appropriate cargo securing (stretch foil, spacers, binding, airbags, curtains),
  • issuing shipping documentation along with the CMR / bill of lading,
  • electronic confirmation of documents from goods release.