Vishy deodorant roll-on

Vichy cares about your health, which is why it develops care products for all skin types. Vichy deodorant for very sensitive skin can be used immediately after depilation. It contains herbal ingredients that not only eliminate irritation and soothe, but also gently care for the skin, moisturizing it. Allergic reactions that may occur after depilation disappear and inflammation is minimized.

The deodorant lasts for 24 hours. Thanks to this, you will emanate freshness and an amazing scent all day long. The deodorant eliminates unwanted odor and controls underarm sweating.

Vichy deodorant will be your faithful assistant, even if you have very sensitive skin.

We offer wide assortment of Vichy products, so do not hesitate to contact if you are interested to buy products produced under this brand!



Vishy deodorant roll-on

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