Mustela Gentle Cleansing gel

Designed specifically for use from birth, Mustela Bebe Wash Gel is an ideal product for your baby’s daily hygiene.

Gently and effectively washes the baby’s head and body thanks to surfactants.
Gently cares for delicate skin and hair, its formula does not contain soap.
Thanks to super fatty substances, it compensates for the effect of dry skin from hard water. Skin remains soft and hydrated.
Its gentle formula does not sting your eyes.

Thanks to a new formula enriched with the patented natural ingredient Avocado Perseos®, the Wash Gel helps strengthen the baby’s skin barrier and preserves the rich cellular resources of his skin.

Instructions for use:

Wet your baby’s body and head with warm water. Apply a small amount of Wash Gel into your hand and lather your baby’s body and head. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.
The washing gel can be used from birth.

Pleasure to use

Upon contact with skin and hair, the Wash Gel forms a rich foam with a delicate Mustela scent. The gel is easily washed off and leaves the skin soft and hair silky. A convenient dispenser bottle allows you to get the required amount of product with one click.



Mustela Gentle Cleansing gel 500ml

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