MILKA Chocolate

MILKA Chocolate

Manufacturer: Mondelez

We would like offer you MILKA CHOCOLATE product Mondelez International in different types.


Milka 300/250g special offer

14 Palllets available


- Ganze Haselnüsse 80x300g;

- Alpenmilch 60x300g;

- Oreo 50x300g;

- Noisette 50x300g; 

- Schoko & Keks 50x300g;

- Toffee Ganznuss 40x300g;

- Choco Jelly 36x250g;

- Luflee Caramel 32x250g

- Triolade 30x300g;

- Nuss-Nougat-Creme 30x300g;

- Crispy Jogurt 20x300g


EXP 13.05.2016 oder besser

1 Pal = 2 Display a 478 Tablets = 956 Tablets


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